Welcome in the Haiti's Recovery Observatory plateform

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What data is available on the platform ?
The plateform makes available satellite data of different sensors from project's partners (list available here) but also different products generated during the project. The list of products can be consulted on the "Accès aux données" tab of the top navigation bar. Three ways to find products : by searching directly on map, displaying the latest published data, or by doing a direct search on the database.

How to download products ?
The products available are each associated with a license, different according to the type of product. This is why downloading products requires the creation of an account.
One connected, simply click on one of the different download buttons available on each page of product presentations :

A pop-up will open, informing you of the license associated with the product you require, once accepted the download will start automatically.

How do I create an account ?
You must go to this link to create an account.
Once the form has been sent, the RO team (us) has yet to validate your account.
Indeed this verification is necessary in regard to partners offering free access to the data.
You will receive a confirmation email when we have validated your account (as soon as possible!)

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