EMSN065 : Monitoring of recovery activities

The scope of the service request EMSN-065 is to monitor the recovery phase of the vegetation after the passage of Matthew cyclone on the 4th of October 2016. The activation is related to a protected area (Makaya Park) and five agricultural areas (Les Cayes, Port-Salut, Jérémie, Dame-Marie and Pestel).
The aim is to build a comprehensive database to perform recovery aid organization and recovery monitoring of the critical resources destroyed. Information provided will be used by local governmental organisation and users.

The present study EMSN-065 is in the direct continuation of the work realized in the frame of the CEMS RRM EMSN-050 and (mostly) EMSN-051 activations. The methodology proposed here for the vegetation classification and status change are strongly based on this previous study (i.e. EMSN-051). This is motivated mainly by two reasons:
• To ensure comparability between the two analysis.
• To reproduce a methodology that has been already accepted by JRC and appropriated by the End User.

Area of interest for Copernicus EMSN-065

Adaptations may be performed to transfer the methodology from the image availability in EMSN-051 to the foreseen EO data in this activation, especially regarding crop cycles and cloud coverage. The core steps for EMSN-065 are identified as follows:
• Semi-automated vegetation classification respectively over all agricultural and protected areas.
• Identification of relevant changes between each timestamp.
• To compute relevant statistics (provided into the final report) in addition of map products.

Analysis and product generation concerns three topics :

  • Reference and LULC mapping
  • Vegetation classification and land status change in agricultural areas
  • Vegetation classification and regeneration monitoring in protected areas

Following this request the Copernicus Service has launched the activation EMSN065, you will find the final technical report below:


The list of products is available here (Version 1) :

Thematic Available Products


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Maps :

Vector Data :

Macaya Park

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Maps :

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