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2019 : 3th Users Workshop in Haiti, Port au Prince and Jérémie

Third Users Workshop in Haïti Port au Prince and Jérémie
Jérémie April 30, 2019
Port-au-Prince May 2 and 3, 2019

Closing Picture of the RO workshop in Port-au-Prince, Hotel Karibe, May 3, 2019

As every year since the beginning of the RO, the Haitian team (CNIGS, CIAT, ONEV) and international (ASI, CNES, CIMA, SERTIT, UNDP) went to Grand'Anse and Port-au-Prince during a week between late April and early May to take stock of the project.

A first workshop was held on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 in Jérémie. After the success of the previous editions of user workshops held in Les Cayes in 2018, the choice this year was the city of Jérémie where many products have been made. The workshop in Jeremie was held in the conference room of the Directorate of Civil Protection DPC Jérémie and was chaired by the Regional Director of the DPC, the Director General of the CNIGS, the Mayor of Jérémie and the Deputy Delegate of the DPC Jeremiah.

The purpose of this first day was to make a point on the project in direct liaison with local actors. These links are fundamental for the project to meet real needs on the spot. This edition was particularly fruitful thanks to the numerous exchanges with the local community: many local actors were present, 60 from them from town halls to students, through the associations and representatives of the Macaya National Park.

A second workshop was held in Port-au-Prince on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3, 2019. This second, more political, workshop links local themes raised on the ground in the peninsula capabilities in Port-au-Prince. The week was closed by a formal steering committee meeting to confirm the progress and decisions of the week.

Look at the workshop's program from Jérémie and Port-au-Prince (FR)


This mission week in Haiti was an opportunity for the RO team to bring in a hard copy a number of projects available on this website, various maps and reports were distributed to local partners and town halls.

The presence in Haiti of the international partners of CEOS (ASI, CNES, SERTIT) was the opportunity to carry out a field mission on the themes of the Occupation of the Ground and the Movements of ground in partnership with the CNIGS, the BME and the URGéo. The experts visited Macaya Park, on the roads of Camp Perrin - Jeremiah, Jeremiah and west of Jeremiah along the coast.


Route Camp Perrin- Jérémie, RO Field Mission, April 2019


As every year training sessions have been organized, more info on the dedicated page.


Opening of the workshop in Jérémie by
Mr Boby Emmanuel Piard, Director of CNIGS

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