WGD Athens March 2019

The week of March 5, 2019 CEOS Working Group on Disasters met in Athens hosted by theHarokopio University ( Website)

This meeting was for the Recovery Observatory the opportunity to make a point two years after its launch and show again the strong collaboration of a large number of space agency in this project: CNES, ASI, DLR, NASA, NOAA , Copernicus, WB Haiti, CNES / EOST, LIVE / UNISTRA, CIMA but also with futur work to be done with NASA and NOAA.

It was also an opportunity to present first work related to the Recovery Observatory "Generic", to present the future mission in late Paril - early May this year and the two conferences where the team will be present : the Living Planet Symposium at Milano on Mai 15th and the World Reconstruction Conference #4 at Genova on Mai 13th.

You will find the presentation of the RO team as an attachment, or HERE