Buildings mapping in Macaya Park

Anthropogenic activities in the park have been identified as problematic by local authorities, particularly for the recovery of vegetation in their surroundings. It was asked to see to what extent spatial images can allow the identification of human activities in the park.

Work done by SERTIT, contract CNES

Imagery : CNIGS / CNES

This inventory is carried out on two separate dates, in order to obtain a database characterizing the evolution of the occupation of the Park according to two temporal milestones: a pre-Matthew state, and a post-Matthew state (in this case a year after).

T0 T1
Aerial Ortho-Photo CNIGS (25cm)
Pléiades (70cm)
December, 08 2017

Extract from the Report available in attachment

Conclusion (Summary)

This study made it possible to carry out the mapping of the building on the set of two protected areas of the Macaya Park, increased by a buffer zone of 500 meters, for 2014 and 2017. However, this analysis is exhaustive for the first date, but n is only partial for the second, due to the presence of clouds.

Exploitation of the geographic database revealed habitat loss on two large settlements in the northeast and northwest. The most densely populated area of the Park, located on the southern part, also suffered a significant loss of habitat, but was offset by the construction of new buildings. It is very likely that this dynamic is related to the damage caused by hurricane Matthew, and the post-crisis reconstruction.


  • Pre-Mathieu Map (2014), Buildings mapping in Macaya Park :


  • Post-Mathieu Map (December 08, 2017), Buildings mapping in Macaya Park :

Density Map (2014 - 2017 - 2018), Buildings mapping in Macaya Park :

Final delivery is available in the attached files :

  • The Pre-Mathieu Map 300dpi in pdf and 200dpi jpg
  • The Post-Mathieu Map 300dpi in pdf and 200dpi jpg
  • The Density Map 300dpi in pdf and 200dpi jpg
  • Final Repport (Version 2) "Rapport bâti Parc Macaya" in French

Total version : .jgw, .jpg . pdf .tfw at 100dpi, 200dpi and 300dpi is available on request.